Welcome to Advanced Devices Inc. website at Advanced Devices Inc.. We offer innovative and effective products for men that are restoring their foreskin. Our products are designed to be easy to use, practical for everyday use, and most importantly, very effective for promoting skin growth.

Restoring your foreskin will improve your sex life. Circumcision was designed to limit the pleasure of sex. Circumcison cuts nerve endings, removes as much as 15 square inches of skin, causes formation of scar tissue, and causes the mucousa and the glans to keratinize due to continuous exposure. 

Foreskin restoration reverses much of the damage caused by circumcision. 

We design, prototype, and manufacture our devices in-house. Our foreskin restoration devices, like the Supercanister, were developed with computer aided design (CAD) methods. This produces a high quality product to give our customers the results they want.

When restoring, we need to regrow that 15 square inches of skin. That takes time.


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Aspire Alpha Armor

One of the most exciting new products ever made available to help circumcised men regain lost sensitivity. Repair, rejuvenate, and protect your penile skin system.





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