Adhesi-Med (TM) Spray and Citri-Med (TM) Citrus Remover

Adhesi-Med (TM) Spray and Citri-Med (TM) Citrus Remover
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Adhesi-Med Spray is like no other product available for the restoring man, and now packaged with Adhesi-Med Citrus Removal spray.

Adhesi-Med spray is better tolerated by those with sensitive skin. Contains no ethyl acetate. 

Use Adhesi-Med to retain your growing foreskin, without the inconvience of a retainer. Adhesi-Med becomes tacky upon contact with air, forming an instant and long lasting bond to skin. Adhesi-Med is made from scientifically advanced medical grade silicone polymer adhesive, and safe for use on skin. Silicone adhesives have wide use in hospitals by doctors and medical staff. We have adapted this medical technology for foreskin restoration.

Retaining your growing foreskin over the glans helps the skin to grow in the proper direction, assisting in producing a tight restored foreskin. Also, by maintaining light tension on the foreskin, it keeps skin cells stimulated for continued growth.

Men who keep their foreskins retained have faster restoration rates than non-retaining men.

To use Adhesi-Med, simply apply a small amount to the glans area, spread with fingertip, and wait one minute for adhesive to become tacky. Then simply roll skin over glans. The skin will remain covering the glans all day. The skin is easily pulled back in the event you no longer wish to retain.

Hundreds of applications per 4 ounce can, it costs only pennies per day to use.

A small amount of adhesive residue will remain after skin retraction, which is easily removed with Adhesi-Med (TM) Citrus Removal Spray, which is included. Citri-Med removal spray is made entirely from food grade citrus extracts.

Adhesi-Med works with our Super Canister Tugger to eliminate the inner piece of tape. Simply spray a light coating on the end, allow to set, and roll skin up onto device. Secure with outer wrap of tape.

Adhesi-Med can also be used with bi-directional tuggers such as the DTR, TLCTugger, and the CAT-X. MRS can also be used to keep cones from falling off.

Once you try Adhesi-Med, you will say "It's Truly A Miracle"

What our customers have said about Adhesi-Med:

"Invention of the Year"

"I'm pretty impressed"

"This spray is great. I can't even feel it. It doesn't pull or tear or anything."

"Slept with it on last night and it worked. I'm impressed, "

"I spray inside the retainer and it stays on for as long as you want, keeps your glans covered "

"I just think this stuff is a boon. Great product"

"This stuff is TOtally worth it,"

"You've named this well. Get on the stick everybody- you're gonna find out it's the best thing out there."

"You can even shower with this stuff on and it won't fail. You can swim and do pretty much anything. The stuff just holds. Really well."

"I received my package today. Very fast shipping! The packaging was discreet and everything was in good condition."

"All I can say is, Thanks, Adhesi-Med, for giving me a visual peek at my future restoration goal."

"Great Product"

"I checked it out in the mirror and it was cool seeing my penis still sporting a foreskin covering. THIS is what I am aiming for! What a nice preview of my ultimate goal."

"thanks for the great service"

"This stuff makes me smile"

"I have used Adhesi-Med spray 24/7 for the last four days (minus whoopee time tonight) and I swear, I am seeing some skin growth. As a veteran restorer, I have learned to note even the slightest change, and I find this intriguing as I did not think it would actually cause growth for me. "

"Okay, I got my Adhesi-Med Spray a week ago or so, and the application works really well"

"I'm so pleased with this stuff I could s**t"

"You guys will love it."



Citri-Med is a Registered (TM) Trademark of Advanced Devices Inc.

Adhesi-Med is a Registered (TM) Trademark of Advanced Devices Inc.

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