Complete Starter Kit for Beginners

Complete Starter Kit for Beginners
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The complete starter kit for new restorers. This kit comes complete with everything you will need to start your foreskin restoration. And just because this is a beginners kit, that doesn't mean you will get beginners results. It is easy to apply, comfortable, and a practical setup, but with the results that would make even experienced restorers envious.

The centerpiece of the kit is our Novice Supercanister tugger. It won't slip off. No embarrasing situations. You can also stand at a urinal and pee and no-one will know. And most important, it's comfortable to wear all day long. Our latest model now comes with a magnetic safety coupling.

You may also select the Supercanister Standard model for this combo. Just add a comment in the comment box when checking out. 

We include a roll of high quality 2" wide restoration tape, which is breathable and stretchable, and is used as an outer wrap to hold your outer skin to the Supercanister..

We include our famous instant skin safe Adhesi-Med(TM) MRS adhesive 1.35oz (40ml), which holds the inner skin to the Supercanister. You can also use it to retain skin over the glans when not tugging.

We include our food-grade Citri-Med(TM) Tape and Adhesive remover, to easily & painlessly release the tape when you remove the device.

We include our Torpedo weight set. The weight set consists of 3 durable plastic wrapped skinny iron weights 3/4" diameter, with a length of stainless ball chain, and mini attachments. The chain is extra durable 18-8 Stainless steel. 

We include a roll of absorbent cotton inserts to prevent drips from staining clothing.

The Novice Supercanister is now available in 3 sizes! See the sizing information below.

Special bundled price. We ship as a discrete, unmarked package. All of the contents make no mention of foreskin restoration for your privacy.

Supercanister Instructions can be downloaded here (PDF file).

Throw away the 35mm film canisters, pill bottles, spring clips, bandaids, and cheap tape. Get serious about your restoration. The Complete Restoration Starter Kit, for those who are serious about getting restored.

People with sensitive skin may find Adhesi-Med irritating if adhesive comes in contact with glans/mucosal tissue. We recommend that those people not apply adhesive directly to the glans. Instead, apply adhesive to device or shaft skin, allow to dry, then attach, or roll skin over glans if retaining. Once adhesive fully dries it is pure silicone and should not cause irritation. First time users should test a small area first to ensure compatibility on glans/mucosal skin. Adhesi-med should not cause irritation on external skin.



The Supercanister is now available in 3 sizes. To check your size, wrap a strip of paper around your glans in the flaccid state. Mark the paper where it overlaps for one complete wrap, and measure the length.

If the circumference is up to 3.9" (99mm) order the 1.1" (28mm) diameter Supercanister. (This most closely duplicates the dimensions of the home made 35mm film canister tuggers.) This size will be suitable for most men.

If the circumference is up to 4.3" (109mm) order the 1.25" (32mm) diameter Supercanister.

If the circumference is over 4.3" (109mm) order the 1.4" (35.5mm) diameter Supercanister.

Keep in mind the glans doesn't need to fit entirely inside the canister. The skin will stretch wider as needed. Don't oversize the canister.


More sizes and additional updated information is available at


Adhesi-Med/Citri-Med for EXTERNAL USE ONLY 

Adhesi-Med and Citri-Med are Registered (TM) trademarks of Advanced Devices Inc.

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