Torpedo Tugging Weight set

Torpedo Tugging Weight set
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ADI's Torpedo tugging weight set.

Finally, you can tug while standing or seated! No more lost tugging time when you sit down.

The torpedo weights are designed to easily fit down your pant leg for tugging. Can even be worn under jeans! 

The weights are suspended by a ball chain long enough to hang below the knee. This means the weights still tug if you are standing or sitting. Tug while you drive, or while seated during work. Chain length is adjustable to position the weights below the knee. 

The weight set consist of 3 durable plastic wrapped skinny iron weights approximately 3/4" diameter, with a length of stainless ball chain, and mini attachments. The chain is extra durable 18-8 Stainless steel. The chain is covered in poly braid to keep body hair from getting pulled.

There is one 9.5 ounce (270 gram) weight, one 5 ounce (142 gram) weight and one 2.5 ounce (71 gram) weight included. The first weight is attached to the chain. The second and third weight can be hung in-line for a total of 17 ounces (482 grams). The weights have mini snap hooks for easy attachment and detachment.

The weight combinations that you can configure are 9.5, 12, 14.5, and 17 ounces (270gr, 340gr, 411gr, & 482gr).

Our weight set is well made, durable, and designed for many years of tugging. You will not have to worry about chain or attachments breaking and dropping the weights at a embarassing moment. The additional weights are easy to clip on and off.

Torpedo tugging weights are designed for use with all tugging methods and devices.

An optional no-slip clip is available for those that tug with the "T-Tape" method.

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